Both CAD and CAM work as computer software programs and they are utilized at different phases of a product lifecycle management. CAD is associated with the designing phase of the product while CAM is associated in the production phase. Both CAD and CAM are advanced software programs that are highly sought after by manufacturing units and engineering firms. Both CAD and CAM software programs are designed for easy use and can be customized as per the need of an organization or a user.

CAD and CAM software programs are widely available for commercial use. There are multiple vendors across the world that design various CAD CAM software programs and then sell it to their customers. With the cost of computers and software packages plummeting with each passing year, it is now very affordable to buy CAD CAM software from the market.

There is further good news when it comes to CAD CAM software. There are various designers of these software programs that offer them for free. Once you download these free software programs, you can easily work with them. These programs are designed so as to make them easy to use for beginners as well as advanced users.

For example, if you have a design in mind, you can analyze the viability of the design by using a free CAD CAM software program. The software, once downloaded, will help you create the design and will also tell you whether the design can be transformed into an actual product using a machine.

The only disadvantage, so as to say, of a free CAD CAM software program is that it cannot be customized. You will have to use the software as it is and adapt to its functionality. If you are looking to use the free software for the purpose of learning or just for the taste of it then it makes a lot of sense downloading it. However, if you are professional engineer working as an employee in an engineering firm or as a self employed professional, it makes more sense buying CAD CAM software. This way you can have the software customized to match your exact need.

However, free CAD CAM software programs have a lot of functionality inbuilt into them. As an amateur or a professional, you will have a lot of benefits using the free software. If you are not looking at proprietary rights or licensing or any such other stuff, a free CAD CAM software program should be ideal for you.

Just a word of caution – when you download a free CAD CAM software program, you must ensure that you are downloading from a trusted website. A lot of downloadable programs have adware and malware built into them and they can cause havoc with your computer system. Ensure that the vendor’s credibility is good enough.

Free CAD CAM software programs are ideal for you because you get the actual feeling of working on CAD CAM without paying a dime. Whether it is for learning or actual manufacturing, free CAD CAM software programs are ideal for you.