CAD CAM System

CAD and CAM are part of Computer-aided technologies that are use computer technologies to design and manufacture both real and virtual products. While CAD is used in the designing phase of the product, CAM is used in the manufacturing process.

The popularity of CAD lies in the fact that it can be used in simple as well as complex designing. CAD software can be used in something as simple as 2D vector based drafting system and something as complex as 3D surface and solid modeling. CAD also allows users to view their products in three dimensions, hence offering a view from all angles and also from inside out. The major advantages of CAD are in improving the user interface, easy enhancement of an existing software and user orientation.

CAM is popularly associated with all the phases of product lifecycle management. From planning to managing to transporting to storing – everything can be done using CAM software. CAM also helps in making the production process faster, optimum utilization of raw materials, reducing energy consumption and also in maintaining precise dimensions and consistency of materials. A lot of research and work is going on CAM software programs to make them easy to use, to reduce their complexity and to further integrate them with the product lifecycle management.

There are software companies that make CAD CAM systems and sell them in the market. Some of the biggest names in the software industry are associated with CAD CAM system. If your organization is looking to use CAD CAM system, some of the points that should be kept in mind while purchasing the system include –

1. Ease of use – Since engineers spend thousands of hours every year on CAD CAM systems, it is vitally important that the system is easy to use. The advantage of CAD CAM system is that it can be customized as per the organization and user need. When looking for a system, you must specify your need for using the system and the vendor can tailor the system accordingly.

2. Vendor credibility – Due to the popularity of CAD CAM system, every other software company is into the designing of this system. However, to get the best out of the system and proper after sales service, you must choose a reliable vendor. Life will be easier for you.

3. Features – Vendors may sing praises about the hundreds of features about their CAD CAM system but you as a customer should focus on the specific benefits that you want and are going to get. If none of the features impact you as a customer then there is no point purchasing that system.

4. Cost – Every company looks to manage cost and when you are purchasing a CAD CAM system, you must keep cost in mind. As you negotiate with multiple vendors, you will be able to get the best cost of the system.

5. Maintenance and upgrade – There is also cost associated with the maintenance of the CAD CAM system and further upgrades. Make sure you get to know the cost associated with these before you buy the system.